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Personally I think its disgraceful that sellers cannot leave negative feedback for buyers that waste their time. Almost 50% of the items I have sold recently have had to be claimed back becuase they are large items i.e. furniture that people buy, THEN worry about how they are going to collect - and if its not at a time suitable for them then they dont want it.. and they even make times to come and dont bother to show.. 

THEN you have to wait over a week before you can start a claim, then you have to give people time to respond, which usually they dont, then you have to claim money back.

All people get for wasting your time is an unpaid item strike which they can appeal the first one, which is automatically knocked off.

I have been stuck with furniture that has sold becauase people cant be bothered to come and collect it, and its in my way when my new furniture comes. Ebay is a buyers market, it does not protect the seller like it used too.. and I forsee ebay becoming a market place just for businesses because home users like me really cant be bothered with the hassle. Im not alone and I know a lot of people who just dont sell big items anymore because there is no incentive for buyers to abide by what is technically a legally biunding contract.. try telling them that when they threaten to leave negatice feedback if you dont stop hassling them for money !??!?!



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