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Before leaving feedback please take 5 minutes to read this guide

 Leaving feedback for a seller

Most ebay buying experiences are problem free 99.99% of ebay sellers are not out to cheat buyers only to sell on their unwanted goods for the best possible price unhappy buyers can lead to their selling reputation being ruined so its not in their interest to offer poor goods or services.

As a buyer you have the right to leave honest feedback but before hitting the neutral or negative feedback button contact the seller with your concerns nearly all sellers will resolve any issues rather than receive bad feedback.

By leaving bad feedback your chances of receiving a replacement or refund will be near zero after all the chances of a seller getting thier feedback reversed are very slim so they will be less willing to refund or replace and simply take the bad feedback hit.

As both a buyer and seller on ebay for around 8 years I have had very few issues with sellers although the most common complaint is slow delivery as a seller myself I always post either same or next day although I have to expect some sellers are not as quick as myself I would never leave them bad feedback although I have in the past emailed them with my concerns and to their credit they have thanked me for pointing it out if this may help them improve their service then we can all benefit!

If you do complain to the seller allow them time to reply they might be in a different time zone and are fast asleep or they might be ill or any other genuine reason its also a good idea to contact them through ebay using the contact seller link or by asking them a question in any of their live listings most sellers rarely look at their personal email accounts so you have a better chance of a quick reply through ebay a fair time limit is around 48 hours? 

If the seller does reply back and fails to resolve your concerns email them back and politely point out that if they fail to resolve your concerns you will leave either a neutral or negative feedback and request a refund through your payment provider this should have the required effect although in most cases this should be a last resort as most sellers will go out of their way to help.

Leaving feedback as a seller

Ebay does not allow sellers to leave bad feedback this can help improve the buying experience as sellers have to improve their standards in the past tit for tat feedback was common place a buyer leaving bad feedback could expect the same from the seller.

One common problem sellers now have to deal with is slow payment in the past this was never a concern although I now fully understand these concerns push the buyer to much and you may receive bad feedback all can suggest is to block the buyer from bidding again on any of your listings dont be tempted to leave bad comments in the positive box as ebay will only take this down and give you a warning or worse cancel your account!

Finally  99.99% of ebayers are honest people and were else good you find so much goods under one roof so enjoy the experience and dont get mad when things go wrong try to resolve them first.

Enjoy your ebaying and thank you for reading my guide I hope you found it helpful.

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