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Feedback how much is it really deserved:

We all well most of us leave feedback whether it's positive, occasionally neutral or rarely negative but looking into it a little bit more do most sellers really deserve the feedback we leave them as in item arrived and as described so we leave positive feedback but look a little bit deeper.

1. Seller held onto goods for almost a week and in some cases over a week before posting.

2. Seller doesn't even thank you for the instant payment via PayPal or even any form of payment other than an automated eBay response saying payment received.

3. Seller never even mentioned goods have been dispatched.

4. Seller says your more than welcome to collect but we'll charge you ex-amount for admin purposes.

5. Seller waits till you leave feedback to see if your deserve it or not and in some cases don't.

6 Seller can't be bothered to leave feedback as there only interested in accumulating feedback from buyers only.

What your looking for off sellers are the one's who go the extra mile not only for your custom but also appreciate you taking your time to look at there goods and having the confidence in purchasing from them and who also thank you personally for the payment and to let you know goods have been dispatched and if there are any problems to get in touch.

When checking the sellers feedback don't just look at what others have put either positive through to negative look a bit closer see what the seller has put and how often do they dish feedback out.

As time goes on I will update this guide but in the mean time thank you for taking the time to read it.

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