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When you buy an item off of eBay, they have a 'feedback' system whereby the seller sends feedback describing how the buyer sent a smooth transaction etc. This is a great feature as it allows the buyer to gain more respect in the community!

As the buyer, once you have received your item you can also do the same. But what if there is something your unhappy about? For example the item has not arrived or you received the wrong item?
Give the seller of the item an email through the online email form stating what is wrong with the item etc and try to resolve the issue with either a refund, apology or a replacement.

NOTE: There are also people called 'bad buyers' who will sometimes target certain companies or sellers by leaving them negative feedback such as 'poor' or 'rubbish' or even 'Don't like it'. This is not right as it lowers their feedback score which is NOT what the buyer or seller ideally likes. If you are going to give feedback, either as a seller or a buyer, make sure you contact the person before hand so that you can resolve any issues.
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