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The way feedback is done on ebay means the seller is punished when the person complaining has been found to be wrong and also found to be dodgy as has happened to me. I have on my feedback 3 negative feedback marks and one of them is nasty and a liar who has been shown to be a liar by ebay. This is also the case with the other Two. If i win my case and they have been shown to be lieing or making false accusations why should i continue to be penalised because their posting is left on my feedback board. This is wrong and should be removed as it is predudiced to me. Should i post on their feedback a danger warning. Caution this person is a con merchant and or a liar? If you have done wrong then yes it should stay on your page but if you have done nothing and you are still being accused then it should be removed. You are being found guilty by assosiation to a comment that is wrong. Michael

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