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Feedback is now more important than ever with the implementation of Ebay's new defect rate rule for sellers.  I have sold items on Ebay for 8 years with just one negative feedback.

Until recently.

Over the course of the past week I have received two neutrals and one negative.  I have received no contact at all from these buyers so can only assume that they are in fact happy with their items.  An unsatisfied customer would not want to keep 'shoddy' goods.  I know that I wouldn't.

Communication is vital.  Any decent seller will try to resolve any issues - given the chance!  Buyers need to understand the damage they are doing.  Good, honest sellers in disheartening situations like this will not want to continue with their years of otherwise perfect service.  The more good sellers that are driven away in such instances leaves with it a higher percentage of those sellers who ship out poor quality products by the lorry full without a care for what may occur after the product has been received.  This is the future that you're helping to shape.
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