Feedback & Circumstances & Hospital & Illness

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Recently I was struck down by one of those unplanned things, and had to spend 10 days in hospital, under general aneasthetic and 22 staples/stiches.

At the time ebay was the last of my worries, my family and new born were the most impoirtant concern, It is rather unfortunate because I still had about 40 listings up and running.

Items were won, and though I do normally try to deliver next day, they obviously sat there for over a week, most ebayers emailed me for an update on their order & the appx waiting time.

It was unfortunate that there are some, that are so impatient and think they have been scammed or the seller is not repsonding and qucik to leave a negative feedback.

I have been firefighting since I was discharged to get ratings mutually withdrawn & emails to ebay customer support, but some people just dont want to hear, what kind of society do we live in is the question I ask ?

Im sure this scenario has happen to many, and for those who think it may not happen, make sure you have a contingency plan, as the last thing you want to come back home to is ebay complaints & negative feedback.

Not sure what the moral of the sotry is here, but thought i'd have a moan!

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