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This guide could be seen more as rant, It may just be me but lately ive noticed a lot more sellers and buyers are not leaving feedback .I always do my best to leave fair and honest feedback it only takes a couple of minutes and gives future ebayers an insight into what sort of person they are dealing with, As i frequent buyer i always check feedback which is something i would reccomend any other ebayer to do. Over the past few months i've purchased lots of items and most have left feedback but then ther are the odd few 10 20 or so that just cant be bothered . This wouldnt be a problem if i payed late messed them around or just been a nightmare . But thats not the case i always pay within 24 hours and leave feedback . I think that ebay should put a procedure in place so that if feed back is not left within the given time that the person involved should have to explain why , Then if the explantion is not a valid one then there should be a remote feedback given from ebay . This then shows the true activity of an ebayer . If this where the case my feedback would be over 600 by now . Many thanks for taking the time to read this .
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