Feedback Fraud

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Can You Trust a Members Feedback Score?

By: Spoil Myself Today

Only after surfing eBay did I discover that you can actually buy other members accounts. Apparently this is legal and something that many Powersellers are doing that have decided to leave eBay because of the high fees, and problems with buyers.

Recently I came across an auction which was private the member in question was auctioning off their eBay account the account had over 1000 feedback's with at least a 99 Percent rating. The member stated that since this was public domain, it was in compliance with eBay policy, rubbish. You can't sell your eBay account it's called Feedback Solicitation, you can interpret eBay's policies however you wish but this is how I interpret it, and others do as well.

Members who Lie to Get Your Trust

Members who buy other peoples accounts are lying to you from the very beginning. It's not their reputation they are working off of it's someone else's. It's not the same as buying a business, it's a private account with a password. You are not buying a sandwich shop at the end of the day! You are buying FEEDBACK nothing more! How do you know that this member actually earned the feedback that you are relying on to base your purchase from? Why buy when their repuation is based off of a lie?

I always think to myself if  a Powerseller has a 100 percent feedback rating how on earth did they achieve that? No one is that perfect all the time and if they are they should sell their perfection to the rest of us. You can't please everyone ALL the time as it's physically impossible. So where are these 100 percent ratings coming from?

  • Did the member buy the account off of eBay? Who's to say that they are not going to totally ruin the account and not send you the goods?
  • Are there loads of mutual feedback withdrawals?
  • Maybe they are not leaving feedback for customers that they have made angry? They could have made agreements with those customers not to leave feedback on them?
  • Maybe the feedback is from friends and family who have purchased items from the seller?

Whatever it is, I would rather see a seller with a few negatives, and some neutrals than a seller who has over 15000 sales and a 100 percent positive rating, something inside just makes me  think that something is not right.

Many of your will not agree with me, but it's a sad fact that some sellers out there do commit Feedback fraud most sellers are legitimate, and honest and their feedback scores are real. However becuase of a few bad apples in the bunch it's made me question the whole feedback system that eBay has.

If you look at a members account ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long has this member been in operation?
  • Do they have a business or private sellers account?
  • Has their been a big gap in sales recently?
  • Do they have Mutual Feedback Removals either by eBay or through buyer and seller? If they have why? Read the comments, it will tell you the whole story.
  • Just because someone has a 100 percent positive raiting does not mean that eveyone is happy, read the comments neutral comments also tell you quite a bit as well.
  • What type of feedback does the seller leave for their buyers?
  • Check the ID history how many times have they changed their name? If they has the location has changed as well? Different Country? This could be a red flag that maybe the seller has paid for the feedback. They could have simply moved, but if you want to question them just ask! I know I would!

At the end of the day go with your instincts, if you think that something is fishy don't bid on the item.

If you have any questions please feel free to write me through eBay! Thanks for reading and don't forget to vote!

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