Feedback Held to Ransom

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I as a rule do not purchase any goods from sellers that do not leave feedback for the buyer as soon as they have received payment.

 The buyer has made a winning bid or offer to buy now, as soon as the buyer has made payment they have fulfilled there half of the contract. At this point the seller should leave feedback as a way of thank you and confirm of receipt of  payment.

When leaving feedback for a seller be sure to be in receipt of feedback for your prompt or otherwise payment. The reason sellers do not leave feedback for buyer right after payment is so they can hold the buyer to ransom. Should the service you receive from the seller not be up to standard buyers are afraid to leave accurate feedback for fear of getting negative feedback in retaliation.

Are we dealing with a honest seller if they use this tactic?

In any other situation where a purchase is made the person recieving the payment will thank you immediatly and not wait for you to have thanked them for selling the item to you first.

I have contacted some sellers about this, they claim that there system is automated. When I asked why it was not set up to leave feedback as soon as payment was made and not only when positive feedback is left for tham. I got no logical answer only waffle. I do not belive all have automated feedback in place because if a buyer has left negitive feedback we can all be sure the seller has left negitive feedback for the same buyer.

We all need this feedback as a guide on eBay but if buyers are held to ransom like this some not so honest people are on 100% feedback they do not deserve.

 I have in the past got emails from sellers for me to leave positive feedback for them they in turn will leave positive for me. If I have no intention of leaving positive feedback for them I will just not leave any.

I urge you not to leave feedback for such traders or better still do not purchase from them. eBay will be a better place for us all.





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