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So, you think you spotted a diamond in the rough? You’ve been watching and waiting for months for a price like that. But you have to wonder, why hasn’t anyone else bid on it? This is a situation faced by many people who are looking for the best deals on Ebay. This auction would be marked with a big AVOID stamp. Scammers have gotten smarter since then. You come along a relatively good deal, the seller seems all right, 90% feedback rating. So should you bid? Of course not!

1. Just because they have good feedback doesn’t mean they’re a safe seller!

2. So, the first thing you would want to do is read the actual feedback comments. Now, you’re thinking, how could this help me find anything? I already know that a large amount of them will be positive… Well, that may be true, but there still may be dangers in bidding. You should spend some time and seek out all the negative comments and ask yourself. What was written? Did the seller reply to the comment?

3. You might want to take a look at the user who bid on the item. Are they from (Your Country)? Are the rest of the negative comments from people from (Your Country) too? Fat chance they’re all shipping errors. Maybe this seller is skimping out on users from a certain country, which deserves the big AVOID stamp.

4. Let’s go back a bit, let just say that the negative feedback was all just a slew of misunderstandings. So, safe to bid right? Still nope. What now you might ask? Well, did you check out what he’s been selling? How do you know he hasn’t been selling just trinkets to build feedback and now, unload his "AWESOME ALIEN GAMING RIG NO RESERVE" or "HD READY 42"" PLASMA SCREEN NO RESERVE" on an unlikely customer like yourself? Make sure he’s legitimate.


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