Feedback Is Killing The Price!

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Hundreds of sellers a day are killing the prices of ebooks on eBay!  But are they being too clever for their own good? 

Each day sellers (normally new ones) are placing auctions on eBay using the "Buy it Now" feature for 1p!  Now this might sound great for the buyer, but it is causing quite a stir amongst the sellers of old.  Selling ebooks on eBay for a penny is lowering the value of the product, people see a product priced at a low price and automatically think "You only get what you paid for." 

So an ebook that started off selling at £9.99 or higher, is now only making a penny per sale.  The author would probably be having kittens.  So why do they do it?  Feedback.  Buyers and sellers alike are raking in high feedback scores and quickly.  A great answer for the new ebayer wanting to gain rapid feedback.  There are ebooks flying about now on how to gain feedback of 100 for £1 .... Others claim to hold secrets - Rebranding rights etc.

But what are they achieving in the long run?  A quick feedback builder, but most want to sell ebooks - Now their products are going down in value.  There seems to be a cycle, ebooks come and go like fashion really.  Never get rid of one, soon enough it will be in demand again. 

To be fair though, some are starting to see what they are doing and they are all sticking to the same ebooks.  Then one will come along and say "Hey, I'm going to steal all the buyers for these by listing a really expensive ebook for a penny."  Sure enough, they do! 

Is there an answer?  No.  They will always keep doing it, after all it is a means to an end.  I just wonder how long ebayers can keep bringing the price down?  A buyers delight - A sellers nightmare.

Take Care

Kelly - Making eBay Easy

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