Feedback People!

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Hi Everyone

I have been trading on ebay since 2002 although you would never know that if you looked at my profile as many people cant be bothered to leave feedback anymore.  Why is this? 

I always leave feedback for other people (and its always positive) but only 25 out of the many people I have bought and sold to have left it for me.  How are people supposed to trust us as buyers/sellers if we dont have any feedback???

All I am asking is that everyone starts to leave feedback after a sale, it helps the whole ebay community, not just the individual.  Maybe we should lobby ebay to make it compulsory.  At least that way, everyone would get the feedback they deserve instead of having to email each other to remind them to leave some.

Am I bitter?  Yes, a bit.  I am not the only one though.  I doubt there will be a single person reading this that has always received feedback after every single transaction on here.  My feedback rating should be better than what it is now so if we all left feedback (it only takes a few seconds) everyone would feel safer buying and selling from others and our ratings would improve substantially.

Please leave feedback after every transaction, positive, negative or neutral!

Thanks and dont forget to vote if you feel the same way!

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