Feedback: Who leaves it first? Buyer or seller?

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I was thinking, after a transaction has been completed, who should leave feedback first?

In most cases, it is the buyer. Certainly for myself, if I am satisfied with the item I have purchased, then I always leave postive feedback.

But, as a seller, I have come across many a buyer who will not leave feedback until you have first. I've had members who have bought my items message me asking me to leave feedback and then, they will do likewise. (Btw, I don't mind this, as long as they do leave the feedback as promised).

So, what do people think? If you think it is the buyer's responsibility to leave feedback first, then say this guide was helpful. If you think it is the seller's responsibility, then vote this guide as not helpful.

I'm just looking to see what everyone thinks.

Thanks for reading.

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