Feedback abuse by bad sellers

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We have all been there

You see an item you want , you place your bid and then hey presto its yours ,so being the great Ebayer you are you pay right away using Paypal cause its easy and then there all the extra protection you get (yeah right) ,and of course you think that by paying right away the seller will then send your item right away or within a day or two anyway .

So you wait a a week ,nothing two weeks nothing ,you contact the seller ,no reply ,or you get your item and its nothing like what was described ,or the old faveourite of a certian key fob seller ( ejaz0786 dont buy from him ) you place an empty envelope with a hole in the post and you end up with no item and a load of poor excuses from you Seller

So you take action via Paypal and this drags on for days ,you have lost your money to this scum of the earth seller and ebay and Paypal dont seem to care .If your lucky you will get your money back from Paypal ,but trust me it does not always work that way ,even if you have paid for the item and never see it theres a good chance the you might not get your money back form your seller or from Paypal ,Its not on and the time it takes to sort out if way to long

I made the mistake of buying a keyfob from this ejaz0786 a seller who clearly should have been banned from ebay a long time ago ,All i got was a small paper white envelope with a hole in it ,no key fob ,no insturctions , The seller had the cheek to charge me £3 for postage ! it was lucky if he spent 50p, so i started my Paypal acation an took it to a claim against this seller ,that was on the 26 of feb , i am writng this on 8th of march and i have been told that i will get a reply from Paypal by the 3rd of April , I of course left neg feedback for this seller who in turn tried the old leave a neg comment using the positive feedback rating but i had it removed by ebay ,but i see that ejaz0786 makes a habit of not posting items and levaing nasty comments using the positive feedback rating , I cant understand why Ebay allow this guy to Trade at all .

Your are not allowed to leave any sort of negative comment using the positive rating on ebay,there are too many seller doing this and buyers are not clear of the rules .

If this happens to you ,Contact Ebay using the REPORT A SELLER in the Ebay help page or phone them on the help line if you have the number

Decent ebayer's should not have to put up with dodgy sellers and we need Ebay to get rid of these type of folk

I cant understand why a seller with 51 negatives comments (ejaz0786 ) is still allowed to trade on ebay ,i can only assume its down to the fact that he makes money for ebay and at the end of the day Ebay are more interested inmaking money than buyer welfare

Dont put up with it make ebay aware of these sellers and let then know your not happy with them on Ebay



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