Feedback and Bad sellers.

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Normally you would think that good and positive feedback means a great and easy transaction.

But not in everycase, I recently had a transaction with a power seller named TOTALFUNZ. They had there own shop and had about 98.6% positive feedback, which you would think was a great amount to have.

I won, bought and paid for a pink sony psp 15th Sept 06, through paypal of course. Now the item was a special edition because it was pink and released in Oct, (27th to be exact).

Now I had to wait from the 15th Sept until its release date in Oct before I could get my psp, a week later and I still didnt have it so I started the ball rolling with emails and phone calls. No reply off email and a stupid voice message when I called, saying sorry for the delay!

Obviously I then informed ebay and paypal but due to the fact my 45 days to complain were already up there was nothing they would or could do.

Should this be happening so easily??? Why cant we do anything about this??? And should ebay and paypal have a longer expiry date on complaints. I hope this doesnt happen to a lot more people because I couldnt really afford to lose 139.99 everytime I wanted a good bargain!!!! And earache off the wife for my stupidity. Anyways, the seller is no longer registered with ebay and has got away with a lot of peoples money, I did manage to check there feedback before they went and it had happened to a lot of people at the same time as me.

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