Feedback and Postage

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Well i thought if you left people neutral feedback its sort of like saying "well i'm not totally happy, could have been better. Well you would be wrong, on two occasions i did this, and on the last occasion, well its hard to believe. I bought a keyless remote for my Ford from la-auto-specialities [the fact it does'nt work is'nt the best part and the instructions to program it were never included as stated] and although i paid immediately after the sale ie: same day, he waited 10 days till posting it, if your a business on e-bay i think thats a bit long, maybe its not. So i left a neutral: "V.slow postage,no instructions[stated were inc] no answer to e-mail, goods ok". Hardly a scathing statement you would think, imagine my suprise when i saw this big red negative: "DO NOT SELL TO-Very dishonest and definitely not a good person-should be ashamed" so dont sell to me because i pay immediately, and i just looked in the mirror, and i cant see too much to be ashamed about. Then i get a follow up about 5 minutes later which reads : "Follow-up by la-auto-specialties: unreasonable and lied-item went intntl&arrived in 10 days-some can't be pleased" , so now i'm unresonable and i lied? Missed that bit, how could it arrive from the US to UK in 10 days? Maybe by fed-ex, but not by USPS for $4.99 [about £2.50] it actually took over 4 weeks plus the 10 days. Anyway i seem to remember e-mailing the guy for an update after 4 weeks, [no response] then for the instructions, [no response] then to tell him it did'nt work properly [no response]. My intial complaint [if you like] was his inability to despatch goods in a timely manner, not the state of worldwide parcel delivery. Checking through his feedback, he does this to anyone who dares to complain, even if its only a neutral, personally thats a very poor and low way to use the system.

I also dared tell another guy how 2 indicator lenses i ordered were broken, mainly because he never bothered to wrap them in anything, then sent them over several 1000 miles and expected the plastic to resist the attempts of the USPS and Parcelforce not to get damaged, yeh right , well for daring to complain i got another red stain, and he's no longer a registered user [aka "probably signed up under another name"] and his spare time hobby like the dude above, was basically blaming everyone but himself.

So if your thinking of leaving a neutral, be prepared for some bully to leave you a red mark, even if you did nothing to deserve it.

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