Feedback and loss of Goods warning retrotimes

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I had a buyer called retrotimes purchases 2 x items, now before the purchase they asked if we did discount for multiple items, I said no, they bid and won 2 x items, then proceeded to request a discount, I gave them £1 some days later still no payment had arrived, so I opened unpaid item, and 2 days later they paid, and the items got shipped 1st class rather than the auction 2nd class.

short time after delivery they opened an item not as described dispite me sending the item in the auction, they left 2 x lots of negative feedback, and about a week later ebay refunded them without these persons returning the goods!

So we lost no money, as ebay did the refund out there own pocket, but this ebayer gets to keep our goods and a full refund, and gets to leave untrue feedback well done ebay well done indeed.

so the moral dont let these jokers like these bid in the 1st place, makes you wonder how long these and others have been doing this!! as they say whats goes around! if you get questions or suspect trouble block them, shortly after the refund we had another user bid for 4 items which is most unusual, just so happens the address is in the same area as retrotimes, the bids got removed and the user blocked...Bring back sellers FEEDBACK!

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