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After my short time of both buying and selling goods, i thought it was time to share the observation i had made regarding feedback from a seller.

The purpose of feedback is to help people build a trusted history from the ratings of others.

Unfortunately i believe this system is not been used fairly, in particular by sellers, here are my findings.

I have found that when i purchase items from other sellers, some sellers do not post feedback about you until you have posted feedback about them. "Why" you may ask ?

Simple, the seller does not want to post feedback, because if you give him a bad review, he is more than likely to give you an equally bad review. Knowing this, you are more inclined to give him a positive feedback even if he does not deserve it.

Take this example, which has happened to me.

I successfully won an item from a seller, then paid by Paypal within 5 minutes of the close. That is the end of my involvement with the sale, and as such i should receive positive feedback straight away from the seller. This way other sellers would know i pay straight away. But no, in this case i receive no feedback yet. The item finally arrives 2 weeks after winning, (the advert stated "next day UK recorded postage") when i email to complain, they tell me the item was posted next day, so i challenge them to track it by recorded delivery. They can not as the item has postage on the envelope for 2nd class post only. So at this point i have received no feedback, even though i paid immediately, and the item i received was way late getting here, so i would be inclined to post negative feedback to warn other buyers about this. But wait, what if i post negative feedback, what will the seller do about that, my guess he would give me negative feedback also. So as a compromise i post neutral feedback, hoping the seller will be Instead i get ignored and receive no feedback.

So in conclusion, i would check the sellers policy regarding feedback. Only buy from sellers who will give feedback straight away. People who do this have nothing to hide and are sure about the product they sell.

Sellers who don't give feedback straight away, are devious, and want to make sure you are forced into giving them positive feedback, before they will reciprocate.


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