Feedback from sellers

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Have you noticed that so many sellers are slow to give you feedback even though you have paid within minutes of the auction ending? My Ebay has several items over a month old now where I deliberately haven't sent feedback as a buyer even though I have recieved the goods and they are ok , making the seller eligible for positive feedback. When they send me reminders I point out that they should be doing it first to judge me as a buyer. This usually gets them to send feedback but some just ignore it, particularly if there score is in the 1000's as it wouldn't matter a great deal.

So many sellars now wait until you have given them positive feedback (or otherwise) before they give you some in return. As sellers they should be judging you on how good a buyer you are i.e. quick payer and good communicator. As soon as you pay I believe the seller should be giving the appropriate feedback straight away.

It would be nice if Ebay could create a feedback system where the buyer cannot give feedback until the seller has done so.( Don't hold your breath though as they don't care too much as long as they get their share!)

So come on sellers, give fast , correct feedback as it should be. You may be suprised what you get in return.


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