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I feel compelled to write this 'review' as there are some on EBAY who still do not understand the feedback system in place.It covers the areas of {1}Communication {2}P&P Charges {3}Dispatch Time & {4}Description.This should make it very easy to leave whateever the buyer decides is pertinent to their Item,or Items.If you leave less than 5-Stars for any four of the parts as required in your feedback,the seller has no idea what you leave.Instance:Communication 4-Stars,Dispatch 5-Stars, 5-Stars for P&P.Should the Item not be 'as described',it's much better to contact the seller to have,if the item is not as it is described,depending on what the sellers response is?, a refund would be asked for?.

I am a believer,as a buyer & a seller for over 8 years on EBAY,that the sellers can,and do at times make a mistake,as even I have done a very few times as I sent the wrong LP a coule of times over the years,it was always settled amicably,where I had to reiburse the recipient of the wrong Item their P&P costs to return my mistake,as it should be.If your not happy with the seller after attempting to sort it amicably,then leave your negative feedback,but I advise you to do that only in the last instance,as that's waht it's supposed to work as.

But,the seller should,in all fairness,have the chance to redeem themselves by ensuring the buyer is suitably,and politely,shown a good response by being honest,and not avoiding buyers emails.LEAVE whatever feedback rating YOU want to.The seller cannot leave you retaliatory feedback,so well done EBAY,lets hope this ends the extortionate P&P costs of some sellers?.

The P&P charges cannot be uniform with some Items it's impossible to do so.An LP for one instance, can have a heavy Booklet and/or a Big Poster in with the LP itself,so on these occasions,as the LP is in effect a double LP as regards the P&P,the seller is often paying more for Postage on the Item for the one P&P price.It doesn't happen often,but with some Items it's bound to be different in weight for mailing.CD's also have Booklets,and they are similar in P&P costs also.

I have,in the last few months,had a seller from whom I bought 4 CD's,and was told,yes,you can get a discount for the 2nd/3rd/4th CD's.I made the bids and was 'lucky' enough to win allfour of them.The seller charged £1.80 for P&P for the one CD,add up the 4 is £6.20.I awaited my Invoice,and received it two days later.The P&P charges were £5.80GBP,a 'saving' of £0.40p on the 4 CD's????.......I emailed the seller and asked how he could charge such an excessive amount for 4 CD's in the UK to the UK?.I was told,pay or else!!.I contacted EBAY,and was given very sound advice. I had to wait until he took out a NON-PAYING BIDDER ALERT.I then contacted EBAY who canceled the sale,and stopped the seller from leaving me negative feedback.I was tempted to leave the seller bad feedback in all areas,but resisted.The same seller is probably still doing that,I have no wish to return to his site,but EBAY do help when they are asked in a polite and factual way.Well done EBAY,and I hope this gives other buyers the good sense to stop these criminal acts of overcharging for Postage as a means to  avoid higher EBAY & Paypal fees,thats what should happen.

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