Feedback - you`re at their mercy

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copy in your browser  and type in bettabargain to see how many of the ebayers who left neg feeback for me are


7 out of the 10 negs no longer trade on ebay because they were scammers 

and you will see just how many Dodgy Ebayers who left negative about me feedback are now no longer registered

I think feedback is not always a good thing and can be very damaging to your ebay trading.

As an example - I purchased an e-book from a so called reputable ebayer.

When i received it it was so full of mumbo jumbo that you would have needed a degree to understand it.

So I left Neg feedback about the product i had purchased with words to that effect and no slanderous or personal remark about the seller.

The next thing I know is that he has responded by putting a Slanderous Personal & Damaging Remark on my feedback stating that I am a Kon - Merchant.& Steer Clear

This cannot now be retracted ...................................

I am surprised that ebay allows this to happen as I would have thought that it was in their interest to have a fairer solution to feedback responses especially as the more you buy & sell the more money they make from you.

I cannot have this slanderous & Damaging comment removed unless I get a court Order.

So basically you can set up you own Kangaroo Court on ebay and do all sorts of damage to buyers  & sellers as they have no protection from unproven damaging feedback left for anyone they take a dislike to or dont like it when honest buyers make honest remarks about the quality of the service & or goods they have purchsed in good faith.


I am absolutely furious that i can be called a Kon Merchant after I had purchased an item on which I had made a reasonable opinion of ( non slanderous to the individual)
How can it be right for a person to get away with this remark when there is no evidence of me ever being a con merchant and his damaging remark is there for all to see thus causing severe Damage to my ebay selling & buying reputation just because I gave a honest opinion of the product I purchased.

It seems to me very wrong that you can allow this to happen and from a commercial point of view non - productive & damaging for ebay & its many loyal / honest traders

If I want to damage anyones Ebay reputation for any reason whatsoever (or just because I feel like it)I just Buy or sell from them and then use feedback as a Torpedo to damage their reputation & theres nothing they can do about it.................

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