Feeding Guide for a Cat... (dry cat food)

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Feeding a cat is very different to feeding a dog, as cats have very different dietary requirements and they tend to develop quite rigid eating patterns. It is always important to choose a balanced cat food, and to never feed your cat dog food as this will not give them the nutrients that they need.

A cat will require a much higher level of protein in their diet in comparison to a dog, so it is not uncommon for cat foods to contain a higher level of meat meal, fish meal or vegetable protein to achieve a good levl of protein. An ideal protein level for a healthy adult cat would be between 28-32%

Feeding guide for an Adult Cat:

The amount to feed each day will vary depending on the age, body condition and activity level.

On average, a relatively active adult cat should need around 30 calories per pound of body weight daily:

e.g. an 8lb cat (3.65kg) would require around 240 calories per day (8 x 30)

As a general rule, 225g or 1 American Cup Measure of cat food will contain about 300 calories, so the above cat would need around 180g of dry food each day.

Fresh and Clean drinking water should always be available for your cat.

Pictured above- My cat, Minnie!


N.B. Please be aware that the dietary requirements of a pregnant or lactating cat will differ and it would be advisable to consult your vet for more specific advice.


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