Felt tip pen on baby dolls (Annabell) face

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I have recently expercencied the  distress caused by felt tip pen being drawn on a baby Annabells face. This was a christmas present and only 2 weeks old. My eldest daughter was really upset at her little sisters mishap.

I tried everything to get it off, bleach, jif cream, nail polish remover. I then looked on this Ebay review and guides for another alternative.

I found a lady who suggested using acne cream ( panoxyl ) it has benzoyl and peroxide in it.


I first tried a weak version, but that didn't do anything. I then asked for a stronger cream. I put the cream on, then left it over night for it to dry.

When I wiped it off some had gone and it had got fainter, which was livable with.  The skin colour on the baby had changed very slightly but only I noticed.

After a week though, to my delight I found that a the pen had completely disappeared and the skin colour showed no difference where the cream had been.

Thankyou to that lady who posted it on this web site.

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