Female Pubic Bikini Hair Removal - The Low Down

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Ladies bikini / pubic hair removal can be fast and easy whether you are waxing, sugaring, shaving, epilating, trimming, styling or treating irritations like ingrowing hairs or shaving rash. Go body bare or leave a landing strip, the Brazilian style. The choice is yours!
Pubic hair is the hair that naturally grows around the bikini area, normally in a triangular shape. Most girls´ hair will appear around puberty and then continue to grow. It is important to keep the hairs trimmed and fairly short to ensure comfort and hygiene.

Why Remove Pubic Hair?

With today´s bikinis and underwear getting sheerer and skimpier, it is considered unsightly to have your pubic hairs on show. There are certain hairs which both men and women generally find unappealing for public show: legs, underarms, facial hairs and pubic hairs. Remember the slating Julia Roberts got for attending a premier with shockingly long hair underarm hairs exposed for the world to see. There are also hygiene reasons for keeping those intimate hairs under control - improper care and attention can lead to rather uncomfortable rashes and irritatons.

What can I Use to Remove my Pubic Hairs at home?

There is a wide range of methods available now for use at home. The most common being shaving, waxing,  trimming or cream hair removers. All of these methods are generally safe to use, but it is imperative you carry out a small patch test first to make sure you are not senstive or allergic to any ingredients.  We will cover each method here:


Shaving is nice and straight forward, plus its pain free as long as you don´t cut yourself. Avoid internal areas! You can use an ordinary razor either in the shower or out, but either way you will need a shaving lubricant like an oil or cream to make the whole process easier. While this is the most well known method (and the oldest) it  is not the best in our opinion, as it can take a long time while you are cautious not to cut yourself. Plus, the razor will clog up again and again by the coarse hairs, quicky becoming blunt. If you have been a lifelong shaver, you should be aware there are many better alternatives - trimming being the new shaving. If however, you are dead set on shaving, use a dedicated Bikini razor with a shaving cream specifically for the pubic area. The Bikini Plus Razor is particularly innovative as it actually has a  curved blade. Avoid harsh chemical enriched shaving lubricants, but instead go for an organic / natural shaving cream. If you are prone to ingrown hairs, mix a little Priva Shave (Ingrown Hair Prevention Treatment) or similar product with your shaving cream. The Ingrown hair´s medicated gel will reduce ingrown hairs which is most important for that smooth hair-free look. Hair-free for approximately 2-4 days.


This is the more painful pubic hair removal method. Wherever you wax, whether it is the legs, face or underarms, you will basically be applying the wax to the skin, then removing it and the hairs in the process. Traditional body waxing involves applying a warm wax, covering it with a cotton strip, then quickly ripping of the strip, hopefully grabbing some hairs in the process. Our top tip is: apply a light layer of medicated talcum power (eg Cuticura) to the area to ensure it is dry and moist free. This will ensure the area is well prepared for waxing. As with shaving, the simple wax is now a lot more advanced. Ideally for pubic waxing, you should use a specialist Brazilian Bikini Wax. Brazilian wax is a type of wax (not necessarily made in Brazil) which is the most effective at removing the thick, strong hairs. This hot wax removes all hair from the bikini area, even coarse and stubborn hair on the most sensitive and delicate areas. It is a 'no strip' formulation (unlike other waxing products you do not need to use cotton strips to remove the wax) is fast, efficient and gentle. Waxing can be painful as hair is pulled out from the root, but you can reduce the pain by taking an aspirin before waxing or using a numbing spray. The pain is not unbearable and is actually decreases the more you practice. Hair-free for approximately 3-4 weeks.


Trimmers are fairly new to the hair removal market - the breakthrough trimmer being the battery operated Remington Trim and Shape launched around 2004 which painlessly removed and shaped the bikini hair area. The great thing about trimmers is that they remove close to the skin, leaving an even stubble length. As the blade it protected behind the combs, it is not possible to cut yourself, making this much safer to use than a regular razor blade. Remington went a step further with the BKT3000 and BKT2000 by making them washable and rechargeable. We highly recommend trimmers - they last ages, are easy to clean, quick & easy to use and normally have long manufacturer warranties.  If you want to go a step further, you can use the fantastic Cleancut foil shaver to smooth away the stubble. The Seiko Cleancut shaver is very unusual in terms of its shape (it is round), so it is perfect for using on the intimate regions. When used on short / stubble length hairs, it slowly smooths away the hairs, leaving you with baby soft skin - now how´s that for a pain free Brazilian wax?? Trimming is perfect for sensitive skinned individuals. Hair will grow back quickly,so you may need to trim every week, but that´s a small price to pay for a pain free hair line. Hair-free for approximately 2-4 days.

Depilatory Creams:

Some creams can be used on the bikini area, but be sure to use one that is specifically a bikini cream hair remover, like Surgi. Creams contain a chemical hair melting ingredient, so are quite strong. The results are nice and soft skin, but it is short lived. This hair removal method is not suitable for sensitive, delicate skin. Hair-free for approximately 4-6 days.


Laser hair removal is a permanent form of hair removal, which should be carried out in a professional salon.


Epilators are mains operated hair removers which remove hair by the root. They can be used on the bikini line, but there will be some discomfort especially for first time users.  Hair-free for approximately 3-4 weeks.

Accessories and Bikini Styling:

Be creative! The posssiblities are endless! Use stencils to create your other half´s name or initial....or even a sexy heart design. Well, you style the hair on your head, so why not your other crowning glory? Also, consider styles like the Brazilian or Hollywood, which are like hairstyles. The Brazilian look removes all the hairs on the outer side, leaving just a small strip in the middle, allowing you to wear even the skimpiest swimsuit.

Irritations and Infections?

Unfortunately, irritations are a common by product of shaving and waxing. The problem with removing hair is you open the follicles up to infection, allowing hairs to become trapped, thereby causing ingrown hairs and other unattractive itches / irritations. You can treat and prevent these by applying an ingrown hair gel to the area after removing hair.
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