Fendi Spy Bag

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I have recently sold my beloved Fendi Spy bag. I bought it from Fendi in Hong Kong and sold it with the receit etc. Upon listing i was mortified at just how many emails i had with worried bidders asking if it was real. I supplied the receit and said they were more than welcome to take to a dealer to get this confirmed or even ring the shop where i had it from and ask then about it. Anyway, out of curiosity i did a search for the "Fendi Spy" bag on eBay and was agast ast what a saw. Poor ebayers where pay top wack for Fendi spys that where obviously fake! I was stunned. So this has inspired me to list some of the issential to look for when buying a REAL Fendi Spy bag.(O and please email me if you would like detailed pickies of my real one to help you on your quest)

1.The key is the lipstick compartment. The real one at the botton os raised Glass. It should also be mirrored too. The fakes are rounded slightly raise plastic that are not mirrored!

2.Leather: The real Fendi Spy has "Zucca" leather the look of this is like a large pebbled effect not a very very small pebbled effect or smooth leather with no grain. These are fake. Also the real ones after using them as little as 3times will go extremely soft that soft infact i was scarded it woukd tear (Even though it wouldn't)

3.Please make sure you have as much background info as you cam. I.E. Ask where they has it from, How long they have had it. And honestly i would reframe from buying a new one as there is no way they can sell a brand new Fendi Spy bag for £200.00 $100.00 when they cost £1200.00 new

4. The pictures of new ones with a Fendi Ticket on that it attached by the plastic loop! FAKE. Mine was tied on with thick rich rope! When you pay £1200.00 for a bag or the cheapest £900.00 Fendi arnt going to let it down by using plastic!

5. The "FF" Monogram on the inside of the bag (on the black label) should be on straight and perfectly in the middle of the lable. And underneath is a code.

6. Remember the serial code isnt on the black label inside its inside on a seperate strip of LEATHER. The serial code should be 17 digits long consisting of numbers and letter. Also when you look at it it looks as if it printed upside down. You should have to turn the lineing to you to read it.

7. Go to the sellers items and see if they have got more than 1 for sale or have sold any others in the past. As once i saw someone selling 10! I cant bring myself to believe they had 10 REAL Fendi bag's

Good luck and i hope this has helped you heaps! Remember if you want some pictures of a real Fendi please email me! :o)

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