Ferret care and awareness of their needs

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There's only one way to stop a ferret smelling, this is to have him or her neautered.  I had all my ferrets 'done' and this stops the odour which is intended to attract the opposite sex.  You can also buy ferret deodoriser but the best option is for the neautering - it work's wonders.  You will also find that the ferret is more approachable and playful - they are no longer on a misson to find a mate.  One word on smells though, there is a smell they omit when they are threatened or on the defence - its called a "skunk", they secrete this smell from their anal gland when they are fearful or if they mix with other ferrets and fight - this smell cannot be stopped it's another form of defence for them  like a skunk would use.  To stop a ferret biting, well it is best to handle your ferret from being a kit (baby), the more it is handle the more trust it has of you and can associate your smell too.  If your ferret is biting - try wearing a hard pair of gloves until your pet get's to trust you.  It is always best to approach a ferret slowly because if you move in quick to pick him or her up, they may feel threatened and there only form of defence is to bite. If a ferret bites you never throw it down or you will break its bone's or you could even kill it. The best thing to do, if your desperate is to scruff it's neck (like a pet would to pick it's young up).  If you have an albino ferret they can barely see so you need to approach very slowly until they get your scent ad know its you - and that they can trust you.  It may take your ferret time to adjust and you will have little nibbles but if they skin aint broken ten your ferret is just playing  even though it does nip a bit.  I've had 3 ferrets (all now passed away) and my Parents now rescue ferrets, they currently have 18.  All have been strays or unwanted by people who just dont have an understanding.  We've experience of all kinds from severe biting ferrets to very cuddly ferrets, all in time have been trained to stop biting by gaining there trust.  Hope you fnd this guide helpful. 
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