Fiddling feedback?

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It has been my experience that sellers having higher volumes are using blackmail to get good feedback.

If they say "give me positive feedback and THEN I will give you the same" this is, in my book, cheating.

When I pay for an item immediately I have fulfilled my side of the bargain POSITIVELY.

Should the item not be as described I have three options on feedback. Positive to avoid bad feedback to myself. Negative or Neutral and get the same. Remembering that someone with a high score has their percentage reduced only a fraction whilst we "normal" Ebayers have massive lowering of our percentage.

OR ..... Don't give feedback.

THAT's how "they" get their perfect positive score.  Ebay should insist on feedback happening AS WE PAY.

Oh and ...... something I forgot! ......... The very ones who are using this way to get a high positive score will term this review "unhelpful". So try to ignore the negative reaction to it.

At last Ebay has recognised this!

We CAN now use feedback properly since they can't give us neg. when we criticise a bad auction. 

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