Find the REAL AH I'm not a plastic bag from Ebay

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I have noticed that lots of fake Anya Hindmarch's I'm not a plastic bags rush to ebay. They mainly come from China and the amount is large. (In fact I bought some fake bags from ebay and this make me Very Very unhappy: ( ).  On the other hand, it is lucky for buyers that many clues could be found to discriminate them from REAL ones. All you need to do is to ask the sellers for details of their items. They have to provide enough evidence to prove the authenticity of their bags!

Here are the tips to discriminate fake bags. They are listed according to the importance.

1. Always ask for a receipt (Not a copy of the receipt, the Original one)! See the item description and see if the seller can provide the original receipt. This is the most important! You should receive a Clear picture of the receipt from the seller before you buy the bag. Different editions are distributed by different retailers all over the world. Here is the list of the retailers:

   Dark Green (JP edition) Navy Blue (US edition)  Charcoal Grey (Asian edition)   Brown (UK edition)

              Isetan              Whole Foods                                       -                            Sainsbury's     

There are bags sold from the website. An invoice should provide with the bag.

2. Tag is another important clue. You could find some crude replicas from ebay:  green bag with green tag, brown bag with brown tag, etc, but there are only 6 kinds of the tags:

         Dark Green (JP edition)                                              Navy Blue (US edition)     Charcoal Grey (Asian edition)      

 With Picture on front and Black Back (WPBB)          WPBB and has WholeFoods logo             WPBB                   

                            Brown (UK edition)

 Four colours (Green, Purple, Pink and Oringe) and Sainsbury's logo

3. Colour: it is certainly creamy colour. The green wordings are dark green. There are only 5 colours available: Dark Green, Navy Blue, Charcoal Grey, Brown and Purple/Lilac.

4. Rope handle: some of you have observed the fake bags' handles are thin and long. The authentic rope handles are thick and short.

5. Previous records: always check the previous selling records of the seller. The feedbacks from other buyers would help you to distinguish the fake bags.

6. Does the seller offer protection and refund?

7. The pink/purple. lilac version has only 200 copies in the whole world! It was designed for the Lavender Trust, a breask cancer charity. Ask yourself how someone has a few pink ones for sale on Ebay.

Here are all the tips of Buying an Authentic I'm Not a Plastic Bag from ebay. Hope you could find what you want: ) . Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.



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