Finding a HONEST Seller

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You may think it would be easy to spot a good seller.

Just look at there Feedback, Right ! WRONG

Well if only it was that simple, there are a few other things to check as well, the things that looking just at the Feedback alone will not tell you.

  • First check to see how long they have been registered, the longer the better.

If someone has only been registered a few months, look through their feedback, and see what it is made up from. Many new sellers build their feedback up from buying 1penny E-Books, this gives them a quick positive rating with minimum financial outlay.

  • Also check their buyer to seller ratio, if the majority of their previous feedback has been left by sellers, then they themselves are new to selling, so tread carefully, paticularly with High Value goods.
  • Also check is their account registered with Ebay as a Personal or Business account, if they look to be trading as a business but have only registered as a Personal Seller. Ask yourself  why !, surely anyone proud of their Business would be shouting about it.
  • Check out their Returns Policy for Faulty Goods, Are they complying with the 7 day rule for Distance selling as set down by Trading Standards and the government SEE the website 'Consumer FactSheets page24635'
  • Any Business that does comply to this Law is obviously Circumspect to say the least. Do not trade with these companies.
  • Check the postage and insurance requirements. If the company is charging £ 1 for an item and £ 20 postage, you know there is a problem. These cowboys are breaking ebay rules, if they are willing to 'fiddle' their ebay fees you can bet they will 'fiddle' you. What happens if you need to return the item and they dont refund postage ? Are you happy enough to receive a £ 1 refund when you paid out £ 21. - BEWARE
  • One of the best checks you can make is against a sellers Feedback - Check the dates that a seller leaves feedback and match this against the relevant buyer. If the seller only leaves feedback after he has received positive feedback, then BEWARE !!. Any Good Seller would have no problem in leaving feedback for their Customers first.
  • Some Sellers are now starting to charge Insurance fees incase items go missing enroute. PLEASE NOTE: it is the sellers responsibility to make sure you receive the item, not yours.
  • So you have checked for all the above and you now think you have spotted a Good Seller. WAIT... there are a few more 'HIDDEN' checks that you need to make.

The problem with feedback is that it does not show all the background disputes, or how many buyers have refused to leave feedback - usually because they have been intimidated by the seller with threats of NEGATIVES, if they leave anything but a positive. In these instances most buyers will not bother with feedback as they do not want any bad marks against them, Especially if it is not their fault!

  • One of the hidden checks you need to make is to do a Seller search --> Seller Check , Enter the sellers ID & tick the completed listings box. Press search and this will give you a list of items the seller has sold over the last 30 days. If you match these details against the buyers who have left feedback you will have a list of buyers who for some reason have not yet left feedback.
  • One of the reason they may not have left feedback could be they have only just received item and so not had sufficient time. So you need to use your loaf a bit here and check the older dates. If you find several sellers here try contacting them through EBAY just to check if they may have had any problems with the seller.

Above all be brave if you have had a BAD SELLER, be Bold Enough to leave a NEGATIVE and help the rest of us out.

Many thanks to you all


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