Finding love in the Philippines

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If you have ever thought of travelling to the far east and beyond then start with the Philippines. This group of islands boosts some exciting islands with some of the nicest people the World has ever seen. I have explored three islands so far and they are all different.

Manila, the capital is busy, chasos and fun rolled into the very busy dirty bussling city packed with smiling and happy souls. But do not wander too far from the trail unless you are confident or have a guide. There is much to do and so many places to stay. heed the advice from the Home Office website on travel to the Philippines and get your shots up together.

Bohol, the island is full of strange hills shaped like cones, hundreds of them as well as the Worlds smallest monkeys. Again lovely people and plenty of exciting places to stay and enjoy. But take a guide, go with a friend or contact an expert to gain as much as you can from this island.

Cebu. I have a house here on the second city of the Philippines. This place is packed with people, busy and full of the bussle of  24 hour living. I found love here not just in the beautiful sandy beaches, but in the woman who is now my wife of seven years. The people can make you so very welcome and yet unless you understand the culture you might think they are just after money. Warning to you all, go with a friend, take a guided tour or contact me for further advice, this place will soak up your energy with the range of things to do and the heat on summer can be so very very hot. Take to the hills then and eat steamed corn, smile and the beautiful girls and enjoy a very cold drink.

For further information or to see more of the islands, or for tips on dating a girl from the Philippines contact me



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