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Sometimes a seller will list a popular item for sale, but will slightly mis-spell the item title meanig it can end with no bids!  Here's how to find those bargains!!

As a Discworld / Terry Pratchett collector I regularly watch the items that are running in the 'Discworld' catagory and it used to amaze me how many auctions would be listed as 'Discword' or 'Terry Prachett' and would finish at crazy prices!  The obvious reason for this is, the average eBay user will click into the search box and just search for what they want.  Mis-spelled items won't show up in their search results and so the auction is missed!

So how do you find those auctions?  Well obviously you could search for every type of variation on the item you're looking for, or better still, you could use a web-based program that does it all for you!  One such website that does just that is (add a www. before it to make it work!).  Just type in the box what you're looking for and Fat Fingers will search every possible variation for you!  By the way, incase you're wondering I've got nothing to do with Fat Fingers - I am just a happy user who has used that site to find a number of great bargains and I thought I'd share it with other eBay buyers!

Finally, an obvious tip for sellers is to always make sure you spell your item title correctly!!  Only a selected number of eBay users know about fatfingers and if no-one can find your auction, no=one will bid on it!  Always remember to double check your auction title and details before clicking the 'submit' button!

Please check out some of my other eBay guides and I hope this information is helpful for you!!  :o)

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