Finding the perfect winter jumper

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Finding a perfect winter jumper can be more difficult than it sounds. Many people have their own rules when it comes to knitwear, and these are important - but it is also important to keep an open mind and explore other options, if you stick to your norms you may not go wrong, but you may be missing out on something else too.

Here are some rules that I've heard people have when it comes to knitwear and how you can be a little more adventurous:
Rule: "I only buy natural materials"
Challenge: Why? The reasoning I've heard for this often makes a large amount of sense. Things such as looking for comfortable materials that will keep you warm. Acrylic is for some people, a huge taboo. We all know its cheap, its easy and it washes well. But when it comes to the feel, it just doesn't have the same softness that you'll find with your wool or cashmere blends!
I no longer let acrylic put me off a jumper. 100% Acrylic may not be your favourite jumper, it might not be the one you wear out on your lunch date.. but it does the job, its cheaper and you aren't risking the loss of shape you'll find after a season of a woolen jumper.
If its the cheap look/feel thats putting you off synthetic materials, you should check the internet for tips on how to soften your jumper - this can often be done with a good fabric softener or even hair conditioner added to your was.

Rule: "I want a perfect fit"
Challenge: Alright, I'm not saying buy a bunch of ill-fitting jumpers - but the beauty of a good knitted jumper is that you can be a little more flexible with your sizing. The golden rule for this however is always go UP a size not DOWN.
I wear a size 6/8 but don't own a single jumper in that size. My jumpers range from a size 10-16. Some of this is down to how you feel comfortable and your personal style, but a oversize jumper can work wonders for your warmth and comfort levels over the winter.
The trick to this is also not to drown yourself in the jumper. So go, don't be afraid to bid on that slightly bigger jumper!

Rule: "I don't want to spend too much/too little"
Challenge: Price does not have to dictate jumpers at all. Quality is often hit and miss with jumpers no matter how much you do/don't spend on your knitwear. Not spending too much can put you in a difficult position when it comes to finding a good fit and a jumper that will last the season. But if you're not careful, you could also find yourself spending over £100 on a jumper that still doesn't do everything you want it to! eBay is of course the perfect place to find a well priced jumper, but beware of how much you spend. A high price doesn't always mean it will last, and a low price won't be worth it if your jumper falls apart within its first wash!

Rule: "Lint/Bobbling?! I can't buy that!"
Challenge: When looking at second hand jumpers, you'll often find most of them will have some wear - with wool, this often means lint or 'bobbling'. Don't let this put you off a good buy! You CAN save the abercrombe and fitch jumper! Look online for tips on how to remove lint from old clothing, this can include some specialist equipment but can also often be done really simply with items you already own.

Good luck with your winter jumper search, remember to check buyers feedback before buying and do not be afraid of the knitwear!
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