Finding the year of your caravan

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From 1992 caravans have to be CRiS (caravan registration identification scheme) registered.

This registration number (also known as the chassis or VIN (vehicle identification number)) takes the form of 17 letters and numbers.

More often than not this number can be found in the lower right hand corner of the windows (especially useful if the caravan documents are not available). The number will usually be over two lines, one above the other.

The important letter or number to determine the year is the 10th one.

YEAR     CODE         YEAR      CODE

1992       N                  2001        1

1993       P                   2002        2

1994       R                   2003        3

1995       S                   2004        4

1996       T                   2005        5

1997       V                  2006        6

1998       W                 2007        7

1999       X                  2008        8

2000       Y                  2009        9     

The VIN number can also be found quite often on the metal plate that is sometimes on the caravan near the bottom of the exterior door.

Caravans older than 1992 wont have a VIN number unless a previous owner has applied to CRiS to have it registered.

The age of older caravans can sometimes be hard to determine although, again the chassis number can sometimes be found on the metal weight plate near the exterior door. Also it can sometimes be found on the chassis. ABI caravans often put the chassis number in marker pen underneath the collar and flange of a skylight (insider information!! but was useful when we had to identify the year of a caravan when the VIN number has been removed by certain members of the community!)

Knowing the year of a caravan is important to know especially if you are buying one as you can check that the caravan is the year it is being advertised as.

If you can keep a note of the VIN / chassis / serial number ( I listed this like this as people call it different things but basically it means the same thing) it helps it you need information or to order items especially fi theya re specific to a particular caravan. Not all parts are generic and you will need this number should you ever need to buy a specific part for your caravan.

I hoep this guide helps but should you need any clarifications on any points please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are a member of the NCC Approved Workshop Scheme and our caravan engineers have been in the caravan industry for over 25 years each.


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