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As of this writing, I am a first-time seller.  I recently put my engagement ring on eBay as I (obviously) had no more use of it!  After putting it on, I recieved a buyer...  I then received an E-Mail from 'PayPal' asking me to give them the shipping number.  Being a first time seller I wasn't going to question PayPal.  So, my boyfriend and I went to the postoffice and paid to get the item shipped.  Returning home I checked the E-Mail again, I had recieved one from eBay saying the buyers account had been 'reactivated'.  I was suspicious and surprisingly...  It was the grammar that caught this bogus buyer out!  I'm an english teacher in training so I found it very apt! 

I ran back to the post office and got my ring and informed PayPal and eBay of the activities.  I then received an E-Mail saying that lildevilkitty666 had been reported for being a bogus buyer!  I laughed, heartily and re-informed eBay I was the one who shopped the buyer 'edinburg20_62' was the bogus buyer!  (For everyones reference).  The E-Mail address of the E-Mails I received was ''

My advice to first time sellers:

  • Always check the E-Mail address of any PayPal or eBay correspondance.
  • Do not give the shipping number to PayPal, they will never ask for it.
  • Do not click any links in an E-Mail you deem 'bogus'.
  • If you're ever in doubt, inform eBay/PayPal.
  • Use 'Buyer Preferences' to limit who can bid for your item.
All this information is in the eBay/Paypal site.  I only seen it when this happened to me, so don't get caught out!  I'm lucky to be a naturally suspicious person, as is my boyfriend.  Other people might not be so lucky, I can assure you these E-Mails look very genuine. 

These people ruined my first time selling experience, I can assure you.  I did however relist my item to hopefully get a different impression of eBay.  You know what they say though, first impressions and all that!
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