First Time Buyers or New To Ebay ?

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Hi There
If your a first time bidder or buyer on eBay please read...

When you are new to eBay it can be complicated especially if its your first time using a computer
when searching for an item/product can be stressful when you cant find what you are looking for eBay have 1000's of category's and subcategory to narrow down your search (ie) ladies t-shirt they could be millions so you go to the left hand side of the listing page there should be options which you can choose like size 12,XXL,short,long,make,etc when you narrow down you search eBay will reload the page and find the item which you are looking for. if you spot an item you like you can ether buy it now or bid for the item in auction depending what the seller has selected. the blue and white p which is next to the item description means the seller will only accept paypal payments when you have won the item or in shopping cart with eBay. next to the blue p there will be ether a buy it now or a number with bids next to it. the buy it now means you can purchase the item straight away with our waiting for auction to end. not all listing have buy it now. the number with bids writing next to it means the number of bids which has been made on the item. then you have the price of the current bid or the price of the by it now item be aware the price does not include the postage and packing. the price for the postage and packing is next to the price (IE) 2.99 + 2.75 you will have to add the postage and packing on the item price 5.74 GBP ( great British pound ). now how many days or hours and minutes are left for the item to finish well its says on the end of every item listing. 5d 17h 51m.

Now if you are interested of the item click on the item description or the picture the eBay will direct you to the sellers item page where there could be more pictures, descriptions, reviews, guides, and videos. Warning all ways read the item description because there could be small print ie An X-Box Box selling for 200 quid but your only buying the box the the console came in. so be ware what you are buying or bidding on. when you are satisfied of the item and you want to buy it you can simply bid on the item and confirm the bid and watch it in your E bay summary or you can buy it now if the seller has selected that format. some times seller can add buy it now or make best offer   this means you can buy it now for the price or you can make an offer to the seller which he can accept or decline the deal.  before buying or bidding you must select you country for postage and packing cost. prices may be different depending on your location.

When you have won the item or wanting buy it you must click on the buy it now and confirm you want to purchase this item some sellers might require an account with a feedback score of 10 and over and with out an bad complaints against you. when you have confirmed you have purchased the item you must click on pay now which E bay will redirect you to pay pal where you need to make the payment to the seller. you can ask the seller if he would accept cheques,postal orders, or bank drafts depending if he will agree. when you have completed your payment the seller will get an email or the transaction on there paypal account when they will send you the item to your delivery address which you added to your paypal account. if you dont receive the item or item broken and he wont refund you the money you can open a dispute on paypal and claim your money back paypal is the best way to pay online because if you pay by postal order you cant open a dispute on that.

Item arrived. when the item has arrived to your delivery address you can leave feedback regarding the condition the item is in and the time it took to get there. you can leave Positive if the item is great or its perfect and you are satisfied with it. you can leave Neutral if the item is in a fair condition and you dont realy like the item as much you cn leave neutral feedback. Negative or if the item arrived smashed or the item didnt match the item description you can leave negative feedback. last year seller were able to leave neutral and nagative feedback on there profile. but ebay has stoped that becuase ebay want buyers to get the most ut of ebay with out sellers respctiong there accounts with bad feedback. but sellers can opedn dispute of you have been un fair to the sellers and have been reported for not paying for the item you have won or confimed you will purchase the item. sellers can claim there fees back for the item you have won they can di this buy opending nd unpaid item dispute.

Good Luck to you all and thank you for reading my guide and thank you for using eBay
( the UK's online marketing place ).

I Will be making a product review and guides page on our website.

Many Thank
Andy Muir
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