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Fisher Price Toys

Every Fisher Price toy has an age recommendation and sometimes that recommendation is for safety. The best way to ensure that the Fisher Price toys you choose for your child is to buy within or as close to the age recommendation as possible. If the toy is for toddlers aged one to two, then it is not a good idea to buy it for a six-month old baby. However, if you are buying a Fisher Price toy recommended for toddlers aged three to five, and your toddler is almost three, then it may be fine to go with a toy for the higher age group.


Choose Larger Fisher Price Toys

The larger the Fisher Price toy, the less likely it is that babies can hurt themselves with it. Make sure that any toys you buy for babies and toddlers are too large to fit in their mouths. The means avoiding small toys like games and dice, Hotwheels, or Lego bricks for smaller children and going with larger items like larger toy cars and games with very large pieces.

Very Interesting as well as fun for all boys and girls 

Newborn to toddler

Bright and colourful

Excellent durable quality while still being enjoyable. 

Educational in fun ways so learning too 

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