Fisher Price Kick & Play Bouncer

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I found that there is a really big choice in baby toys, but buying a bouncer chair will save you a lot of money!

The chair is a great safe place to put baby while you potter about and if it has toys thats an added bonus!

The Fisher Price Kick & Play has been a real God-send for me and my baby! It has a toy bar which plays music either on a loop or controlled by baby kicking the bottom of the chair. Its not really annoying and has an adjustable volume.

The chair also has a 'calming vibrations' setting which is OK, doesn't seem to do much but has, on occasion, sent my daughter to sleep! The toy bar is also removable so great if your little one falls asleep in, as they won't wake themselves up by hitting it (is my daughter the only one who does this??) The cover is also really easy to remove and machine washable.

As she has grown, the bouncer chair can be used as a first chair to feed them solids in.

I bought tons of stuff I later got sick of or never used before my daughter was born but this purchase has been worth its weight in gold! It has been on offer in Tesco for just under £40 a few times and is well worth it!

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