Fishing in Autumn

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Fishing in Autumn

The days are getting shorter and that may limit your fishing but autumn is a great season for the serious angler. The lakes and river banks are less crowded now then they were in high sunmmer, so this gives you an opportunity to select the best swims. The fish are still feeding well and putting on weight ready for the cold winter days.

Perhaps your fishing time now is restricted to weekends or one or two weekdays, make the most of your opportunities by some careful planning. If you get the chance to take a walk along the river or around the lake even if you don't have time to fish then you can increase your chances of catching good fish by observing the water levels and keeping a lookout for fish moving into areas that may not have been productive through the summer. Always remember, it doesn't matter how good an angler you are,  if the fish are not in your swim then you can't catch them. Keep a lookout for fish.

Sometimes young anglers ask 'What should I look for when choosing a spot to fish?'. I say, look for fish, this does seem to be an aquired skill though. Have you ever stood on a bridge with a non angler and looked down into the sometimes clear water and spotted fish but the non angler has great difficulty in seeing them? Anglers seem to aquire the ability to look into the water where non anglers vision seems to stop at the surface.

There are, however,  always certain areas that seem attractive to fish, the obvious ones are things like overhanging trees which provide food in the form of insects dropping from the branches and roots in the water which provide security. In rivers places where the depth changes from shallow to deep water are often good places to fish, likewise sand bars in lakes and pits. Look for these features and you will improve your chances of catching.

Make the most of your time fishing, as I said if you can spend a little time doing your homework, observing the river or lake you intend to fish then it will almost certainly increse your chances of catching. Always remember though, a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work!

If you have any questions please email me and I will do my best to give you an answer.

Thanks for reading my review.


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