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I have recently bought some equipment from various ebay suppliers.  Some of the equipment appears to be similar but there can be differences in the materials used on the outside and the inside.  I will add more details to this reiew later.  For the moment I can recommend "respectsport" on ebay the same name on the web for his website.

This retailer is open and willing to give free advice, he is also a Martial Arts Instructor and knows what he is talking about.  Furthermore he offers a very good quarantee should the equipment not meet your expectations. 

I have personally seen and compared some of his equipment and it does look and feel better quality.  His prices may be a little more for some items, compared to other ebayers but I think they are worth the little extra, for long lasting equipment

He is also happy to match prices for the same items on ebay.  You can visit his shop in manchester and also collect for free.

Info added 1 Nov 2010:

Items bought: Headguard ; Focus Pads

REX Leather, I would not recommend rex leather items if you want your equipment to last or if you are a serious practitioner,  if however you dont need your equipment for long term, say if its just for a bit of fun and will not be used seriously, then it may be ok.  But bare in mind that in some cases it may only be a difference of £5 to £10 for the real leather equipment.  Rex leather is some kind of fake leather in some cases or a very thin skin of leather over artificial meterials in others.

Some ebayers wll just state leather, but in actual fact the product is sometimes not real leather.  Check the feedback and if they have lots of negetive feedback think twice if you want to buy from them.  some powersellers will have thousands of + feedback and tens of - feedback, remember negative feedback only lasts for 1 year, so they could have had hundred of negative feedback over several years.
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