Fitting Back to Wall toilets - READ BEFORE BUYING

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Back to wall toilets (the ones where the cistern is hidden away by being 'boxed in') are all the rage and quite right too.

There deliver to a bathroom an uncluttered look and are very much easier to keep clean as there is no pipework to look ugly and gather dust...

Fundementally, they are simple to fit. However, there are some critical issues that need to be considered before one embarks on an installation. The huge benefit of having the wet bits hidden away can quickly turn into a nightmare if its not done properly - the only time you know you have a problem is when the stains appear on the ceiling below and by then the damage is done...

Firstly, new toilets have the outlet (the waste bit) centre at either 180 or 190mm. Many old toilets had them higher. We all know the S 'stuff' doesn't flow up hill, so, if your current waste pipe centre is either the same as or above the new outlet centre you will have to resolve that issue. You effectively have two choices a) alter your mail soil pipework or raise your WC. 

15/8/10 - To be continued...
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