Fitting Dyna/Taylor leads to Dyna Coils

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Fitting a set of Dyna or Taylor leads is not much of a problem note the following -

  • These leads are designed to fit aftermarket coils such as Dyna, MSD or Accel, they are not easy to fit to stock coils that have sealed in leads. Not all stock coils have sealed in leads, the VMax for example has coils that have easily replaceable leads.
  • These leads require spark plug terminal ends to be fitted, these are included with the Dyna lead sets but not the Taylor leads.
  • Make a diagram of which leads go to which plug and from which coil.
  • Fit the leads to the plugs first to see how they will run to the coils.
  • Don't cut the leads to length until you are sure they fit without fouling anywhere, refit the tank to make sure everything fits ok before finally cutting to length.
  • Do not allow the leads to rest on very hot parts of the engine, they are very resistant to heat but not to being on contact with exhaust header pipes for example.

 - the guide below shows how to fit the coil end terminals and boots.

What you will need -

A set of crimps and also very useful is some silicone lube spray to ease the boot onto the lead.

How to do it -

Using the silicone lube slip a boot either straight or angled over the lead, if using angled boots it helps to bend the boot as shown to ease the lead through to the other side, then strip off about 25mm of the outer sheath and insulation with the crimps, it is not too critical how much you strip off as it can be trimmed later.  The inner core will be bent back over the insulation and sheath to contact the terminal when crimped up.

Now prepare the terminal, this usually means bending the terminal tabs over to fit the lead better, then fold the lead conductor core back over the lead insulation and sheath and push the terminal over to hold it in place.  The conductor should be as shown in the 2nd picture below, trim the conductor if required to sit flush with the end of the terminal.  The bent over core of the ignition wire will be trapped between the outer sheath of the ignition lead and the terminal as shown in the 3rd and 4th picture below

Crimp up the terminal making sure the conductor stays in position and also making sure you position the terminal correctly in the crimps to push home the terminal tabs into the insulation as shown below.  With the angled type use the crimps to hold the terminal and bend it over to the right angle. Again using the silicone lube slide the boot back over the finished terminal ready to fit  The last pictures show the finished terminal for both straight and angled types.




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