Fitting GORETEX Ski March Yeti Gaiters to Your Boots

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How do I get my Brand New GORETEX Ski March Gaiters to Fit?

A Step by Step Guide to Dry Feet

The Civilian Made Berghaus YETI Gaiter, for those who haven't had the pleasure of owning a pair, are natoriuosly difficult to fit.

The air is often turned blue after hours of trapping your fingers between your Rigid Sole and the Gaiters Rubber Rand. Some people go to the extra efforts of Superglueing the Gaiter to the boot, so they will never again have to endure such torture...

The British Army Issue GORETEX Ski March Boot is a similar type of gaiter. A rubber soled item sealed to the Zipped GORETEX Upper Section that will provide a safe haven for your feet no matter what the local environment.

The MOD, being the MOD, have made this item even more robust that it's Civilian Cousin and have manufactured the Upper from 3 Ply Hevy Duty Goretex and used an extra thick Rubber for the Sole Section.

It is this extra thick Sole that makes the Fitting of these Gaiters more difficult than the Berghaus Gaiters. No, this is not a typo. These Gaiters really are a REAL Stuggle to Fit.

All of this information is put in our listings, yet we're selling these Gaiters Every Week. There is no doubt that they are an Excellent Item and we have received very positive feedback but you are going to work up a sweat...

About a 2 Months ago we shipped a pair to a customer in Scotland, who got in touch several weeks later with (what we like to call) "The Official Guide to Fitting Your Gaiter"

Claiming that after several Days of Blood Sweat and Tears, he claims the The God of Yeti Gaiters Came to him in his sleep and showed him the light.

The next day he set out and fulfilled his Gaiter Destiny and fitted his most recent purchase. He was then kind enough to send us a step by step comic strip of the assembly proceedure and the essential tools need.

Thanks Mike:





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