Fitting Vertical Blinds

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Fitting Vertical Blinds

Just follow these three simple steps and you will be able to enjoy your brand new vertical blinds!

Tools Required

- a pencil
- a screwdriver
- a drill (8mm drill bit)
- a small stepladder (optional)

In Your Parcel

- your vertical blind louvres with hangers, weights and chains attached
- brackets: either top fixing (1) or face fixing (2) as specified in your order
- the headrail with pull cord and child safety box
- screws and raw plugs


Face Fixing

Attach the short screws to the front of your bracket but don’t screw them all the way in (these will hold the headrail in place in the next step). Measure 5cm from the ends of the headrail and mark the wall with the pencil, hold your bracket in place and mark your screw holes. Drill your holes, tap the raw plugs into the wall if needed and screw your brackets into position.

Top Fixing

Before fixing up your brackets, ensure that they are positioned where your open louvres will not interfere with any window handles, etc. Attach your brackets 5cm in from the edges of your window recess.


Face Fixing

Hold up the headrail with the carriage closest to you. Hook the back of the headrail into your bracket then raise the front of the headrail in position, tightening the small screws to hold it in place.

Top Fixing

Hold up the headrail with the carriage closest to you. Tilt the headrail and put the front of it into position in the bracket, then tilt it backwards so that it clips into place.


Carefully remove the louvres from their packaging and unroll them. They are sent with the hangers, weights and chains attached to make this part of the process quick and easy for you.

Making sure that the seam at the bottom of your louvres is facing the window, clip them into the headrail in the correct order, so that the chains sit neatly at the bottom. Please note that there are two holes on your hanger – be sure to choose the one that allows your louvres to hang neatly just above your window sill or floor.
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