Fixing & Care of solid laminated hardwood worktops

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Prior to fixing

Any solid wood will be affected by the humidity of its environment and it is essential that adequate provision and protection is made to make the worktop impervious to water, but allow them to expand and contract when fixed in situ.

Tops should be given at least 3 coats of Danish oil on all sides with an extra 3 or 4 coats on all edges before installation. Where cut-offs for taps or hobs are made, or where panels are trimmed on site, the exposed surface should be coated with a waterproof resin glue such as Cascamite.


Tops should be fixed to carcasses using slotted fixing plates with the slots across the grain direction of the top. For Oak tops use brass screws, putting steels ones in first to cut the thread, the replacing immediately with brass.

Leave a gap of about 5mm between worktop and wall and between worktop and over-tiles, filling the gap afterwards with silicone sealant.

Care in situ

Wipe up all spills as soon as possible, DO NOT PUT HOT POTS AND PANS DIRECTLY ON THE SURFACE OF THE WORKTOP, nor leave them to air dry on the drainer after washing up.

It is necessary to refurbish the surface from time to time. To do this clean the worktop with a diluted washing up liquid solution, allow it to dry completely, then coat with a thin layer of Danish oil to all accessible surfaces, using a lint free cloth. Allow to dry naturally. Repeat if necessary. In the unfortunate event of deeper scratches occurring, these may need to be planed or sanded out and refinished with Danish oil as for a new top.

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