Fixing Number Plates

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Fitting your number plate is really easy, you can either screw your number plate to your car, or you can use our extra strong sticky pads to stick the number plate to your car.

Whenever possible, we always recommend that the double sided sticky pads are used.

By using these there is no need to drill the plate and therefore no tools are required. Simply apply the double sided sticky pads to the rear or front of the plate and stick to the car.

The sticky pad process is really easy. You will receive 6 sticky pads, 3 for each plate, which will ensure you pad is kept secure on your car at all times. They are double sided and we recommend the sticky pad as it is the easiest and looks the best. Please note that they are very sticky so remember to place it in the right place before sticking it to your car.

The screw kit enables you to screw the kit to your car. You will receive 4 screws, and 4 screw holders. We recommend screwing the number plate to your car if it has existing plates which has been screwed on, or if you are looking for extra security to ensure your number plate stays secure.

The best way to fit the plate to your car with screws is to use your existing plate, and drill small holes where the existing holes are, this way you can just screw it straight on to the car. And it is as easy as that!

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