Flash Against Hard Drive-The War Of Mp3-A Guide

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After numerous searches for faulty items on eBay.co.uk leads to the conclusion that loads of fairly new hard drive based mp3's become broken due to missuse! A guide to stop this happening to YOU:

Mp3 is definetly the way to go as these tiny players hold much more than cds or tapes, but there is certain issues you need to be aware of, (most of which are never included in the manual!)

The main problems with the high desireable gadgets it that they contain a tiny hard drive, when you listen to you favourite tunes the hard disk spins up and reads the data into the mp3's RAM, this is a solid chip that contains no moving parts and therfore cannot be damaged by shaking or constant movement.

A Hard Drive Mp3 can be determined by the size of the memory mostly anything (apart from the nano) above 1Gb is normally hard drive based, but a quick internet search will normally reveal all, as flash based mp3's are becoming bigger and bigger.

A Flash based mp3 is usually bellow 1GB in memory size. These are normally very small and can be worn around the neck.

After shaking most hard drive based mp3's become useless, The microscopic readers inside the hard drive become out of line therefore rendering them useless to read data from the of the hard drive. Well you may say that this is replaced under warranty but this is only for a year and after that you are on your own!

The only way to make sure you prised new gadget doesnt die a hard drive death is to protect it by not moving it around to much when the hard drive it running, this can be determined by a small whirring noise from inside.(this indicates the hard drive moving)

I have had 3 hard disk based mp3's none of these have ever had a problem. Due to them not being used in a shakey enviroment. 

When i want to listen to my tunes while moving i used a cheap flash based mp3's these can nopw be bought very cheaply and come in sizes up to 1gb, the new ipod nano now uses flash memory upto 4GB which means the ipod nano is very hard to damage!

So if you want to listen to your mp3's in a still position or maybe in the car, a hard drive based mp3 is for you  but if you want to jog or run with your music a flash based mp3 is not only cheaper but very very strong.

Hope this guide helps to a much for friendly less costing mp3 life.


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