Flat Tummy Foods

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Prepare yourself for summer.

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Eat these foods to eliminate bloating and get that washboard stomach

Bananas- loaded with fibre and potassium, which helps relieve water retention

Cantaloupe Melon- full of potassium, low in calories and filled with water to keep you hydrated

Olive oil – contains oleic acid, which helps break down body fat

Artichokes- one medium sized artichoke contains about 30% of your body’s daily needs for fibre

Avocadoes- contains monounsaturated fat, which helps keep you fuller for longer

Brown rice- this takes a long time to digest, so keeps you fuller for longer

Lentils- full of fibre, protein & complex carbs for a balanced meal that helps keep you slim

Sauerkraut- fermented foods have lots of probiotics that help boost your digestive system with lots of healing bacteria

Oily fish: salmon and mackerel are full of omega 3s that are healthy and filling

Apples: eating an apple before a meal helps you eat less later on because they have so much fibre

Cucumbers: these are natural diuretics, helping you get rid of water weight and they’re low in calories

Tomatoes: low in calories and full of bloat-busting potassium. They also help regulate your appetite.

Aubergines: these are low in sodium, and contain lots of water to stop bloating

Almonds: filled with protein, they make a great snack

Shrimp: low in calories, but loaded with protein to keep you full
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