Flea treatment for cats

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I have currently been trying to battle the influx of fleas that seem to be more persistent than ever in our house this year.

I have an indoor cat, so she's not directly bringing them into the home, I have however found a very efficient spray treatment that treats the carpets, cat bedding and upholstery, its called 'Acclaim'. The large can will easily treat the whole house (not to spray onto the animal!) and also doesn't stink, this seems to kill the fleas (& eggs) that are are already present. It costs about £12 but does last months if used as instructed. This then leaves you the separate job of a treatment for your pet - I like to use 'Frontline' bought from the vet as once applied properly its works quickly and my cat was much less agitated the same day. 

I would definitely not recommend using 'Johnsons Herbal spot-on' treatment that you get in pet shops - I liked the idea of there being no chemicals for my cat to absorb & its much cheaper than Frontline but it was useless & had no effect at all! so was a total false economy. I also found my cat reacted for the next 3 days by sneezing & as a precaution had a trip to vet (even less economical!).

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Clare, Kent


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