Fly Fishing Kit Buying Guide

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Fly Fishing Kit Buying Guide

Fishing is a sport and hobby enjoyed by many people all over the world. From small pond and river fishing to deep-sea angling, there are many different styles and techniques that are used.

There is also a broad range of equipment that are tailored to specific fish, environments and skill levels and it can be a little overwhelming when looking to purchase suitable fishing accessories.

Fly fishing in particular is very popular amongst anglers due to large range of fish that can be caught, and the places in which the method can be used.

There are many fishing products available at eBay’s popular online marketplace – from fishing rods,, lines and lures to waterproof clothing, tents,, chairs and everything in between.

Be sure to use this guide as a reference when looking to buy a fly fishing kit..

What Is Fly Fishing?

Fly fishing owes its name to the lure that is cast at the end of a line due to its resemblance to a fly or insect. The fake fly is made of light material, such as hair or feather, and can come in various forms. These can include:

  • Flies and insects
  • Snails and other crustaceans
  • Bait fish

These lures can come in a variety of sizes, with some designed to float on the water and others to be used below the surface.

Fly Fishing Species

The fly fishing method can be used in a range of places that each have their own species of fish, including marine areas. It is often used to catch fish, such as salmon and trout, but can also be a successful way of hooking:

  • Carp
  • Bass
  • Pike

Stronger fly rods and lines can also allow for the capture of large saltwater species, such as:

  • Marlin
  • Tuna
  • Sharks

If the fly lure successfully imitates the natural prey of a fish, there are few limits as to the range of species that can be caught.

Fly Fishing Kits

Fly fishing kits are the perfect answer when looking to begin fly fishing or even purchase all the necessary equipment at the same time. Buying each element separately can require specific knowledge and can be difficult for beginners, so purchasing a kit is advisable.

Elements of a Fly Fishing Kit

Fly fishing kits can vary with how much equipment that is included in them. The key components of a good kit are:



Fly Rods

Fly rods come in a range of different lengths and styles and are usually measured in feet.

Rods consist of a handle, the rod length and the guide in which the line is positioned through.

Longer fly rods are better equipped to handle bigger and stronger fish, whereas shorter rods are less likely to get caught in trees and shrubbery.

Fly Lures

Fly lures are designed to mimic the natural prey of a fish and can come in a range of different shapes, colours and sizes.

They are made of light materials, such as hair or feather, and are designed to either float on the surface or be submerged under.

Kits can include a selection of lures for use on different fish or in different types of water.

Fly Reels

Fishing reels store the fishing line and there are different styles available to suit different types of rod and fish.

Fly reels are often operated manually and can be versatile with regards to left and right handed winding of the line.

It is important to check the specifications when purchasing a fly reel, as each one is designed for use with certain weights, strength and fishing line. However, when looking to buy a fly fishing kit, the different equipment will be suitable for use with other items.

Fly Line

Fly lines are different from other types of fishing line and the weight of the line carries the fly lure.

The weight of line ranges from light to heavy, and uses a numbered scale. Lower numbers mean the line is lighter and vice versa.

When casting, fly fishing lines require the angler to strip the line off the reel with one hand whilst holding the rod with the other.

When looking to buy replacement line, be sure to check the specifications of the rod and reel.

Additional Fishing Accessories

Some fly fishing kits can also include other accessories to aid with protection and fishing tactics. These can include:

  • Fishing Nets:Fishing nets can be used to hold fish and prevent them escaping, or to remove an object from an area of water. Different sizes are available and many fold away for added convenience.
  • Fishing Rod Bags: A case or bag for a fishing rod can help to protect it from any potential damage or weakening. Different sizes are available to match different length rods.
  • Fly Storage Boxes:Fly boxes safely store the often-delicate fly lures and ensure external objects do not damage them.
  • Fish Storage Bags: Special bags are also available if anglers need to hygienically store and transport any fish that they may have caught, like trout.

Some anglers decide to purchase a smaller fly fishing kit and buy extras separately – this can allow for more flexibility.

What to Consider When Buying a Fly Fishing Kit

When looking to buy a fly fishing kit or other fishing accessories, there are some key factors to consider in order to get the most use from the purchase.

Size of Kit

The size of the fly fishing kit is an important factor to consider as some kits include a larger amount of equipment, like bags to carry fish. Smaller kits may simply include a rod, line, reel and lure.

Type of Lure

Although their task is essentially the same, fly lures can come in different shapes, colours and sizes. Consider the type of fish that is desired and use a lure that is designed to mimic their natural prey.

Type of Rod

Rods are available in different sizes and strengths. The right one to purchase can depend on factors such as size of the angler, the type of fish and the water environment.

Length of Line

Having the correct length of line is paramount to a successful catch. Not having enough can cause problems when trying to catch or reel in a fish. 

Additional Accessories

Be sure to consider any extras that may be required in addition to a fly fishing kit, such as cases, chairs or tents.


Always shop around in order to find the right price when looking to buy fishing equipment. If using eBay to make a purchase, be sure to compare items from different sellers and observe any auctions carefully in order to find the best deal.


Fishing can provide hours of entertainment for beginners and experts alike. However, it can be difficult knowing where to start when looking to buy the correct equipment.

Fly fishing uses specific methods to catch fish and the equipment is suited to the needs; using the correct rods, lure, line and reels is essential when trying to catch the desired fish.

When browsing for fly fishing kits,, use this guide to help decide which kit has the most suitable components, and look around online to find the best possible price.

Be sure to read other people’s reviews on any items, as their experience is an invaluable tool.

eBay provides an extensive range of fishing equipment at an affordable rate and when deciding to purchase an item via the marketplace, be sure to take the necessary precautions to certify a safe transaction.

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